Douglas Cohn Speaking
Public Appearances
Douglas Cohn has been interviewed as a historical consultant on TV and Radio,
and invited to speak at events for places such as the Brookings Institute
and West Point.

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Jefferson Davis

Robert F. Kennedy

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Che Guevara

Robert E. Lee

John Dillinger

Bugsy Siegel

Lucky Luciano

Military Channel Interview

               Television work includes:

               A&E's Biography Channel

               American Heroes Channel
                 (formerly The Military Channel)


               Fox News

       Speaking engagements include:

Inter-Agency Seminar Group
            at the Brookings Institution

       National Press Club

       West Point Founders Day

       International Platform Association

       Vietnam Veterans Memorial

       2013 Napoleonic Historical Society
            annual meeting (keynote speaker)

       5th Battalion, 7th Regiment
             1st Cavalry Association

  Speaking at Vietnam Memorial
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